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Florence Griffith-Joyner

Can we just talk about... Florence Griffith Joyner's nails

Nail artist Sylvie Macmillan selects Olympic athlete Flo-Jo's nails as the first pop culture beauty moment in our new series "Can we just talk about..."

Can We Just Talk About... is our new series where our favourite beauty insiders talk the best in pop culture beauty moments. Here nail artist and Dazed Beauty community member Sylvie Macmillan shines a light on athlete Florence Griffith Joyner and her technicolour dream nails. 

"Florence Griffith Joyner, AKA Flo-Jo was an American track and field athlete, the fastest woman in the world! The records that she set haven’t been broken for the last 30 years. This photo fills my heart. I love the variation in lengths, the snapped ones are the result of her immense accomplishments. She is perfect proof that anything can be achieved with long (fabulous, metallic blue) nails."

"Achieve this look with an acrylic overlay, some patience (a couple of years to grow them this long), and two coats of Essie shade "Front Page Worthy"