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Watch Kim K get her face beat by controversial vlogger James Charles

The reality TV star enjoys a Beauty Battle 3-way with James Charles and Mario Dedivanovic

James Charles, the outspoken 19-year-old vlogger, make-up artist and CoverGirl spokesperson with over 11 million YouTube subscribers and nearly a billion collective views, released a Beauty Battle video over the weekend featuring Kim Kardashian and her personal make-up artist, Mario Dedivanovic.

The popular Youtube series usually features two MUAs painting one half each of James’s face, however for the ultimate kween of make-up, he made a special exception, with both James and Mario taking to Kim’s face to create a cut crease. “No shimmer, I like super matte,” the reality TV star can be heard saying. “Let's do a cut crease, bronze, '90s look, darker liner, lighter lip."

Kim, who has never done the half and half thing before reveals that she and her five-year-old daughter North West are huge fans of James, so much so that they have even fought over one of his make-up palettes. "She's obsessed," Kim tells James. "She actually, when you sent me your palette, she tried to take it. I saw it up in her room and I was like, 'Oh, no, no, you are not taking this...'cause she's so hard with it, like she just like, destroys a palette.”

The video has already amassed over seven million views and nearly half a million likes, which comes as no surprise considering the 139.2million followers the three beauty stars have combined on Instagram. “James really has had the most iconic year” commented one YouTuber on landing Kim K on his channel. This three-way collab between some of the beauty industry’s biggest juggernauts is set to cause a steep rise in the number of 90s-bronzed-smokey-eye-lewk-photos coming your way on the internet. Get ready.