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Emilia Ortiz Crystals
Photography Jasper Soloff, make-up Meghan Nguy

A beginner’s guide to crystals

Do you know your rose quartz from your black tourmaline? Dazed Beauty Wellness Editor Emilia Ortiz is here to show you which stone does what and when’s the best time to use it

Crystals are just one of the forms of magic that our Mother Earth possesses and are used by everyone from healers and skincare practitioners, to religious and spiritual leaders, brujx/witches, and scientists. As an empath, crystals help me tremendously and I use them a lot in my healing work with others. While I have a hard time playing favourites, I have found that the following crystals have become essential for me. So here I wanted to share some of the simple and helpful ways you can use them!

Black Tourmaline & Black Obsidian 

Black Tourmaline, also known as Schorl, has long been used in magic and healing. Practitioners use it for protection from low vibrational entities during work as well as scrying. Other uses include grounding, easing anxiety, rebalancing the body, psychic/empath protection, removing negative or disruptive energy, shielding yourself from energy vampires, empowerment, and protection from radiation and environmental pollutants. Black Tourmaline transmutes negative energies and doesn’t need to be cleaned, unlike black obsidian. Tourmaline acts as an enhancer so it’s grounding energy, although powerful, isn't so heavy energy-wise.

Obsidian is another powerful dark stone. A volcanic glass, Obsidian holds the power of truth, protection, grounding, healing, self-reflection and more. It is one of the most powerful dark stones because it has the power of the elements of fire, water and earth. Black Obsidian is often used for scrying mirrors, spheres, and chord-cutting tools (obsidian blade). A must-have for many healers, psychics and brujxs/witches, it can keep you grounded during success as well as hard times and help reveal not only your inner truths but any falsehoods in your life. Revealing and mirroring is one of the biggest uses for this stone. This is is because Obsidian empowers you to be able to address that which is revealed or mirrored to you, effectively. A dark and lovely powerhouse.


Begin by setting the mood with your favourite incense. You can have calming music on if you choose. Sit in a chair with your feet on the ground and your back straight. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and relax your body with each deep breath. As you begin to release the tension from the top of your head, soften your brow and the muscles in your face. Unclench your jaw. Continue down the body, slowly releasing all tightness in your throat, your chest, tummy, hips, legs, all the way to your toes. As you do this notice the tingling sensation that is replacing the tension. Feel the comfort of relaxation. 

Now, using your mind's eye, visualise yourself sitting in the chair. As you do this, think about what is currently troubling you, any negative energies or interactions you may have had. While focusing on breathing and visualising, see your troubles rising out of your body like smoke. As you take in breaths you take in light, as you breathe out the smoke leaves your body. While the smoke leaves, visualise it going into the black crystal of your choosing. Focusing on its ability to absorb negativity, ground you and reveal truths. If you feel distracted make note of the thought and release it like smoke as well. 

When you feel you have released all the smoke surround yourself with an ultraviolet white light by visualising this and calling upon it (example: I call upon the white light of protection/I surround myself with the white light). You can ask your higher self, guides, angels etc. to place a protective shield of white light around you as well. What you vibe with most is what you should use, because intent matters. After you do that, feel the warmth of that light and how protected you are. When you are ready, come back into your body slowly. Embrace the feeling of the ground below you, feel how stable and sturdy it feels. Feel how light and solid you are, grounded once again in your highest vibrations. Thank anyone you called upon for assistance. Make sure to cleanse the black obsidian, because it will be full of the negative energy you just filled it with. Some people will even “clear” the crystal after use for something like this. To do this bury your stone in salt. Sea salt is preferred or pink Himalayan salt, don't use table salt. You can also place it on top of selenite to cleanse it.

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Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is known as the heart or love stone. Its vibration is that of unconditional love making it perfect for platonic, familial, self, or romantic love. With it’s soft pink to lavender variations – there's even a form called “star rose quartz” where light in the shape of a star is found within the quartz – you can't not feel the love. Rose Quartz is useful for working with the heart and sacral chakras to help them open up and invite love in, as well as to calm. Rose Quartz is a versatile and powerful one that has often been used in skincare due to its anti-ageing benefits. Some business owners have been known to keep a large raw chunk in the workplace to prevent intruders.


This self-love ritual requires that you set the mood and romance yourself. Start by cleansing the piece of rose quartz that you’ll be working with using your preferred method e.g. with palo santo, running water, bury it in salt, etc. After this is done, dress in clothing that is comfortable and makes you feel sensual. Light some incense or diffuse oils to set the mood. A personal favourite incense of mine to use for this is honey rose or jasmine but you can use any that are aphrodisiacs including cinnamon, ginger, patchouli, rose, ylang ylang, lavender, basil, lemon or lime (to add some uplifting playful notes). Some people also like the scent of warm vanilla, which can be combined with cinnamon for some soft, sensual, delicious vibes. Let what makes you feel sensual direct you. Set up a little vase with flowers that you love, play some smooth instrumentals... go all out.

After you’ve set the mood for yourself, sit comfortably and using your favourite oil or lotion give your arms and legs a massage. Feel your skin, feel the release of tension as you rub it out. Embrace the pleasure and feel-good sensation you’re providing yourself with. After a few minutes when you feel you are ready take a piece of Rose Quartz in your giving (dominant) hand. Feel all the sensual vibes in the room and in this crystal. Take in all the romancing you’ve done for yourself. Let the smells whisk you away on a pink cloud. As you tap into that energy say out loud: “I love myself unconditionally” or “I am unconditional love” repeatedly until you feel it to be so. This can take as many as 3-6 times or even 3-6 minutes for some of us. Remember, there is no need for judgement during this ritual.

As you do this visualise the light coming from your hand into the crystal, charging it with these loving vibrations, harnessed in each affirmation. After, lay down and place the Rose Quartz on your chest directly plugging it into your heart chakra. For six minutes lay with this on your chest and allow yourself to take in all the love you’re gifting yourself. Remember that with each breath in, more unconditional love is going in. With each released breath, self-doubt and hate are leaving the heart, mind and body. Feel the strength of love filling you up. Visualise the light from the stone filling up your heart chakra, warming and gently easing away any doubt. When the six minutes are up, open your eyes and slowly sit up. Take it easy on yourself after this, or do something kind for yourself. Allow yourself the room to float on cloud nine for a while.

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Citrine is often referred to as the stone of success. I like to refer to it also as the stone of no stress. Citrine helps to alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression by working with the solar plexus chakra. This stone also is self-cleansing and will be your bestie when it comes to cleaning up psychic debris and excess energy. Citrine can also be used for manifesting money and success. Some wear it, some use it in a crystal grid, some use it to make crystal essence, crystal elixir, or gem water which can be ingested to gain internal benefits. Much of the Citrine you come across today is heat-treated amethyst. Those baked pieces can be used in baths with salt, but the raw ones shouldn’t be.


I like to take citrine cleansing baths. Some use the Citrine on its own in the water because raw Citrine is sensitive to too much salt. I will intuitively add herbs depending on my needs. Generally, a nice herbal mix to use is pine, lavender, rosemary, chamomile, rose and a splash of Florida water. Some prefer to use oils while others prefer to use the dry plant. Be sure to only put a few drops when using essential oils. I tend to stick to the rule of three to be on the safe side. Rember to always consult your doctor about the use of herbs or essential oils before using.

Start your ritual by cleansing the space with palo santo, herbal smudge or incense. Light some candles (I like to use the Fuck Outta Here candle from my girl Chiquita or tea lights in my selenite/Himalayan salt holders), begin running your bathwater (warm, not hot as you don’t want to risk damaging your crystal or your skin) and take the Citrine you’ll be using in your hands. Feel it and tune into its energy. Program it to cleanse you in the bath by saying the following out loud “I program this crystal (Citrine) to cleanse my energy field” or something along those lines that resonates with you. Place the crystal in the tub. As the water fills the tub it will soak up the energy from the Citrine. Play some relaxing or healing music. Get in the tub and just take in the vibes. Feel the water cleansing you, the Citrine’s radiant energy neutralising all negativity, anxiety, fear etc. Stay in for at least 20 minutes. Afterwards, air drying is preferred but it’s getting cold, so towel dry if needed. It is often debated on how to dispose of your ritual bath. Simplest is to watch it go down the drain. You can also take some of the bathwater when you are finished and throw it over your shoulder while facing away from the sunset. The third option is to dispose of it at a crossroads.

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