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Nine beauty looks from cult films to inspire your Halloween look

Need some Halloween inspo? Look no further!

It’s Halloween, the holiday dedicated to transformation. For one night a year, we all come together to break the codes of social norms and disguise our true selves, becoming anything we want to be through the power of make-up and costume. Yup, it’s our favourite time of year. To celebrate, we flick back through the annals of cult movie history and fish out some of our favourite spooky looks.


Heathers uses the technique of reflecting each character's personality through their clothing. As the film goes on, the film’s main characters, played by Winona Ryder and Christian Slater, become less ‘beautiful’ and more dishevelled. Although there are many beauty looks to choose from, from oversized shoulder-padded blazers to knee-high socks, we recommend Christian Slater and Winona Ryder’s iconic looks at the end of the film. Covered in dirt and blood, with wild hair, walking out of high-school, this can be easily replicated with some brown eyeshadow, fake blood and hairspray.

Get the look: fake blood and brown eyeshadow


This horror movie follows a vegetarian student at a veterinarian school who tastes animal meat for the first time and develops a taste for human flesh. Emulate the dark and twisted themes of this French horror film by recreating a look from the integral scene which sets the film into its strange and disturbing pace. Wear a lab coat and cover yourself in red paint, for a powerful yet simple beauty look.

Get the look: fake blood


There are so many looks to choose from in this classic 1999 movie. Set in an American high school, the film follows the lives of four girls after a prank goes fatally wrong. With thin eyebrows, coloured eyeshadow and glitter lip gloss, Jawbreaker has everything to fulfil your early 2000s beauty nostalgia. For those of you who would rather steer clear of gore this Halloween, this film is the perfect beauty inspiration for you.

Get the look: lipgloss and gobstoppers 

Edward Scissorhands

Not only does Edward Scissorhands provide gothic beauty looks for this Halloween, but the film has its very own beauty tutorial, a win-win for beauty lovers. The power of makeup in this 1990s fantasy film makes the movie’s star, Johnny Depp, instantly recognisable. With white facial powder, black lipstick, black eyeshadow and black contact lenses, you can transform yourself beyond recognition too.

Get the look: white face powder, black eyeshadow and black contact lenses  

Rocky Horror Picture Show

Eccentricity seeps out of every part of Rocky Horror Picture Show, and beauty is not an exception. Starring Tim Curry as Dr Frank-N-Further, a transvestite scientist, the beauty from the Rocky Horror Picture Show is inspired by drag queens. Bold, black arched eyebrows, pale skin heavily contoured with bronzer and bright red lips, Dr Frank-N-Further is a constant inspiration for extravagant make-up this Halloween.

Get the look: eyebrow pencil and red lipstick


Originally a novel, Dracula has been adapted into films and theatre shows, with each creative director providing a new aesthetic to this classic. The minimalist beauty of Dracula's pale face, blood red lips and deathly sharp fangs, however, will always be a go-to look for Halloween.   

Get the look: fake blood and black eyeliner


Earlier this year the Hadid family recreated the iconic Beetlejuice dinner scene. While they were dressed in their finest couture, you can channel this cult movie’s beauty heroes on a budget. Mirror Michael Keaton as Beetlejuice with some purple eyeshadow and green hair dye, or take inspiration from Winona Ryder as Lydia, by using hair gel to slick down your fringe, putting on some pale foundation and finishing off with black eyeliner.  

Get the look: purple eyeshadow and green hair dye

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me

The prequel to David Lynch’s cult classic, Twin Peaks, provides early 90s nostalgia for Halloween. With Lynch never shying away from dark themes and surreal imagery, this film offers a variety of enchanting beauty looks for Halloween. Our favourite look, however, is Laura Palmer in the Black Lodge. Representing the all-American girl next door, Palmer is always elegant, however, as the intensity of her scene in the Black Lodge heightens, so does her beauty, which becomes suddenly chilling. Recreate this look with red lipstick, smoky eyes and costume contact lenses.

Get the look: red lipstick and contact lenses


At prom and dripping in blood, Carrie provides a classic and instantly recognizable look for this year’s Halloween. Minimal make-up, long straight hair and a simple white dress, are used as a blank canvas to emphasize the intensity of bright red blood covering your body from head to toe. Follow in the footsteps of countless others who have chosen this scene from the cult classic horror film as your Halloween inspiration.

Get the look: fake blood and blonde wig