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James Newlands

Tic Toc: 24 Hour Pop-Up Shop

The illustration collective Efdeay are set to launch their new pop-up exhibition in an old laundrette in Euston this week

This Thursday sees the launch of the Tic Toc Pop-Up shop run by the London-based illustration collective Efdeay, who have hand-selected an array of illustrators' work to transform the interiors of a an abandoned dry cleaners in Camden. Sticking to its pop-up ethos for 24 hours (over four days), they've invited 24 artists to exhibit their work in a very limited print run of 24, where each piece has gone from concept to print in just 24 hours. The now (Camberwell-)graduated collective celebrates the end of a creative residency with specialist Risograph print & publishing house HatoPress, supported by onedotzero and Robert Horne Group - inviting a new generation to play with art: "Less do it yourself, more do it with others. D.I.W.O."

Dazed Digital: How did the '24' theme initiate?
Efdeay: Like all pop-up enterprises their proposal consists of a time restriction, normally bound because of the space they have acquired, we were in exactly the same position, searching for a space not previously used in an art, or exhibition context. Knowing that we had this time constraint from the start fed directly into the whole concept of the shop for us, and why not completely embrace that throughout the entire set up, we briefed the artists very openly, only giving them one limitation when producing work; that we intended each piece to be designed and printed in a 24 hour time period. From there it just seemed to work out beautifully for everything else, our identity created itself, we immediately had a cap on the amount of artists we wanted involved, and a unique number of limited prints that would be on sale.

DD: Who are the artists involved in the show?
We're very pleased to announce the full 24 artist lineup: Andy Ainger / Joe Baglow / Ross Bennett / Biografiktion / Mitch Blunt / Marcus Butt / Michael Chester / Matthew Dent / Sean Fitzpatrick / Jamie Hall / Antonio Ladrillo / Sac Magique / Peter Nencini / James Newlands / Kyle Platts / Dan Has Potential / Ian Stevenson /  Luke Ramsey / Donal Sturt / Matthew Daniel Swan / Daniel Swan / Nico Taylor / Andrew Thorpe and Sean Wild.

DD: How were they curated and/or found?
Efdeay: We've taken great time in inviting the right artists to be involved in the shop, some we've worked with before, others we've just admired from afar for some time now, and this was the perfect opportunity to get in touch with them and learn more about their practice, and how each artist goes about about approaching a new brief. The interesting aspect of the shop is that we get to see how long it really takes artists to react to a brief. We're really pleased with the complete range of work submitted.

DD: Does everyone involved have a formal background in art or is this really a 'D.I.W.O.' ethic?
Efdeay: As a collective we all studied at Camberwell College of Art. We didn't choose anyone because of their educational background, so I'm sure everyone involved, has a different story and pathway to where they now reside. This shop is completely encapsulating our D.I.W.O ethic and we're really excited to have so many artists involved.

DD: How did you source the venue for your pop-up store?
Efdeay: The location really came down to what we were able to obtain, not many councils are very willing to let a group of artists take over a space for any length of time no matter how you might try and sell the idea. Before Hato Press was located in Dalston they had were involved in a group studio space in Camden, I believe through this they came to talk to certain members on the council, so when it came down to it they were able to get in touch with Camden and secure us the spot - 'Sophie's Dry Cleaning', 52 Phoenix Road, as the sign still reads.

DD: What's next for Efdeay?
Efdeay: A vacation maybe! No obviously we'll be keeping busy, the Tic Toc shop does however signify the end of our residency at HatoPress (specialist Risograph printing and publishing house in Dalston, where we've been working from for the past three months). We have a few commercial jobs to be getting on with. But I think one thing we'd like to do is publish a sketch book full of all the years worth of collective drawings that we've created, from pub doodles, to exhibitions, to live drawing events. But maybe we need another few years of illustration before it's coffee table worthy.

The shop, 52 Phoenix Road, NW1 1ES; Thursday 17th - Private view from 6pm - Late; Friday 18th March - Sunday 20th March open from 10am - 6pm