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Dazed Digital Mobile

Catch up on DD news wherever you are as we launch our Mobile version, available both online and offline

Dazed Digital's new mobile site allows you to access Dazed on the move, and even when you're offline. So standing on the underground amidst the chore of a commute routine or other idle moments, little whiles and weightless minutes can be spent with Dazed soaking up our fashion, music, art and photography stories. The innovative offline caching software means that Dazed is always on hand - quite literally.

Launching on iPhone and Andriod this week, Dazed is the first UK publisher to embrace HTML 5 offline caching abilities from the innovative team of in-house developers. Expect a daily edit on emerging talent, behind-the-scenes fashion reporting and exclusive magazine content as part of being continually linked to the Ideas Sharing Network. To access the mobile site visit from your iPhone, Blackberry or Andriod phone.