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Keith Richards photographed by Mario Sorrenti

AnOther MAN: Altered States

The new issue of AnOther MAN features Keith Richards as its cover star, and boasts an interview with Aphex Twin and photography by the likes of Collier Schorr, Pierre Debusschere and Nick Knight

In the latest issue, AnOther MAN looks back on the highs and lows of Keith Richards's extraordinary life with a fashion shoot by Mario Sorrenti. Hollywood star James Franco gets on the phone to his favourite artist Ryan Trecartin, and picks up a few tips on filmmaking along the way whilst Aphex Twin – the dark lord of avant-garde acid – gives his first interview in five years from a secret location in Scotland. Author Daniel Pinchbeck visits artist AA Bronson at his NY apartment to discuss modernday shamans, Lady Gaga videos and WWII zombies. Meanwhile in the fashion section, Nick Knight teams up with art duo Lucy and Bart, Alister Mackie collaborates with collage artist Alex Rose; and Collier Schorr, Pierre Debusschere and Gareth McConnell shoot the season’s looks. Plus… singer-songwriter Antony Hegarty reveals his style icon, the agony and ecstasy of writing by DBC Pierre, punk icon Genesis P-Orridge sheds some light on drug-free tripping, artist Angelbert Metoyer executes icons, and photographer Jim Goldberg goes in search of characters in Tennessee.

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