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Real Gold Collective

The London-based arts/fashion/music collective are roaming the streets for inspiration

About to release their new t-shirt entitled 'Don't Forget The Struggle, Don't Forget The Streets', London-based art collective Real Gold have been combining their talents in music, fashion and arts for the last four years. The new shirt design is based upon the classic record by New York band Warzone, reinterpreted for a modern England. Serving as a proud reminder of personal identity, the shirts and photographic prints are a patriotic piece of memorabilia. All t-shirts are white 100 per cent fine jersey cotton and feature both front and back prints, of course made in England. The release comprises of a parcel pack housing both a new Real Gold t-shirt design and an original black and white print by photographer Kingsley Ifill

Dazed Digital: What does your collective set out to do?
Real Gold: Our aim has always been to highlight and support talent and ideas we admire and are proud of. And hopefully to create something lasting, done with total conviction.

DD: How did the collective form?
Real Gold: It was the summer of 2006; London felt invigorating and full of possibility. We were a young group of friends with different personal histories brought together by chance and circumstance. We were determined to do things rather than just talk about them, to get our hands dirty and not be passive observers.

DD: Who is it made up of?
Real Gold: Real Gold has always made a conscious decision to be regarded as a collective entity rather than a couple of names and faces. It's as much about a group of friends as it is the web of collaborators that we've worked with. Ask around, you'll always find names if you want.

DD: Any dream collaborators for music/art/fashion?
Real Gold: Orson Welles, Tim Berners-Lee and Ming-Liang Tsai.

DD: What is Real Gold's ethos?
Real Gold: The same as what we set out to do. We want to leave our mark on the city we grew up in, connect with people we share the same values with and piss off people who don't.

DD: Has it stayed the same since its conception?
Real Gold: Always stay true.

DD: What's next?
Real Gold: Irons burning in fires.