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Issue 163

Viva Vivienne!: Vivienne Westwood Special Section, Split Personalities: The Mighty Boosh, Dorothy's Dark Side: Dawn Mellor

Viva Vivienne! - Vivienne Westwood Special Section

As the legendary British designer continues her Active Resistance to Propaganda campaign, we reflect on Vivienne Westwood's lifelong dedication to subverting the status quo. With 68 pages of unique fashion inspired by different Westwood eras, a report on the reading of her manifesto shot by Mary McCartney, Q&As with the doyens of world theory and an exclusive interview with Westwood herself, we join her in her quest to improve life by getting cultured.
Split Personalities - The Mighty Boosh
The surreal comedy duo talk about their evolution - from London pubs to headlining a huge summer festival.
Dorothy's Dark Side - Dawn Mellor
The painter rips into the Wizard of Oz mythology, leaving little Dorothy's reputation in tatters.

The Back

Cult VIP: Yva
During the 20s and 30s, Else 'Vyva' Neulander pushed back the boundaries of modernist photography, inspiring Helmut Newton along the way. When WWII broke out, her life and work were tragically snuffed out. This is her story.

Q&A: Tricky
The music maverick explains why he left the American party scene to come back to his British council estate roots.

Film: Cut & Wrapped
Jeremiah Zagar exposes some family secrets; John Maybury takes Dylan Thomas to The Edge of Love; favela fever in City of Men; Chris Waitt fails at sex; self service in Cinema 41; Killer of Sheep finally gets released; plus 4 new film reviews.

Books: Bound & Flogged
Joe McGinnis Jr talks teen prostitution in The Delivery Man; Heidi James loses the family jewels in Carbon; Publish and Be Damned book fair; plus reviews of 4 new page turners.

Art: Hung and Drawn
Joep van Lishout turns the body into art; Shezad Dawood brings zombies to the countryside; plus 4 gallery previews.

Music: Agony & Ecstasy
The Rascals dance to Picasso; Errors pull their finger out; Sportsday Megaphone get physical; Buillion beats a new path; Liam Finn and Lawrence Arabia head up a Kiwi invasion; Glasgow breaks from Dress 2 Sweat; Vetiver goes deep into the mix; X-Posure; plus 16 roasting reviews.


Photography Oliviero Toscani
Styling Nicola Formichetti and Karen Langley

Photography Benjamin Alexander Huseby
Styling Jacob K

Photography Matt Irwin
Styling Karen Langley

Photography Oliviero Toscani
Styling Nicola Formichetti and Karen Langley

Photography Mariano Vivanco
Styling Karen Langley


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