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Hype Williams' Gyptian Lover Expo

Ambiguous multi-piece are set to take over East London's Space Gallery with live music and active productions

Hype Williams are keen to maintain an air of ambiguity. The interview below will give nothing away about their identity, although it lists ever member of the band. But then maybe that’s the point: let the music do the talking. Contextualisation can force the dilution of an initial idea. Especially when there are twelve members all bringing something different to the table. Originally a two-person collaboration between D. Blunt and Inga Copeland, Hype have since grown to incorporate a wide range of collaborators and associated acts - all bringing different disciplines to the project. Music remains the base of all activity, though now complimented as it is by video, sculpture, installation and performance. Drum machines, layered synths and vocal mixes are utilised to propel an anti-mainstream message from a place of marginality. Figures like Britney Spears and Drake are pounced upon. The effect is a constantly evolving collective who are making a subversive statement upon mass culture. We spoke to member Denna Frances Glass about the upcoming Hype Williams takeover of East London’s Space Gallery. The event, Gyptian Lover, will run for three days from 13 August and host an ever-changing exhibition incorporating live music, artwork and active production.

Dazed Digital: Who are Hype Williams?
Hype Williams: D. Blunt and Inga Copeland and Denna Frances Glass and Ronnie Krip and Karen Glass and Roy Bundy and Aliina Astrova and Acid Elle and JJ and Tondalea and the Jacobsen twins and vaher aslak and ed lehan and hotknifeseven and all ma niggas in the struggle.

DD: How did it begin?
Hype Williams: When I kept up with the Kardashians.

DD: Can you describe your sound?
Hype Williams: Not really...

DD: What is Gyptian Lover all about?
Hype Williams: Getting head while playing Seal's greatest hits.

DD: Why have you chosen SPACE as the location for the exhibition?
Hype Williams: Roy grew up next door.

DD: In an interview you said you thought you sounded better in reverse….
Hype Williams: Twas one of those self loathing comedown days.

DD: How important are video concepts to you? Why Britney Spears for example...
Hype Williams: You seen the porno 'Titney Spheres'? The broad from that actually tried to launch a singing career.

DD: Where do you want to take the band in the future?
Hype Williams: Choice FM,1xtra, Hot 97,106 and park...

Gyptian Lover will run at Space from 13 – 15 August 2010.