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First Kiss

The makers of one-off new zine pucker up with their favourite Songs for Smooching

We love a good zine here at Dazed Digital. And a zine about the universally shared experience of the first kiss in all its ecstatic, awkward, heart-pounding and cringe-inducing glory, written by the likes of hipster author Lesley Arfin, Vice co-founder Gavin McInnes, New York Times music critic Jon Caramanica and 14-year old blogging wunderkind, Tavi Gevinson– well we’re already sold. We asked the editors of First Kiss, Marisa Meltzer and Elizabeth Spiridakis to give us the soundtrack to their adventures in the kissing trade.

“When we decided to make a zine about kissing, we knew we were going to devote a healthy amount of time thinking about adolescent sexual experiences. What we didn't know was how much kissing would take over our lives. We found ourselves listening to music either about kissing, or music we listened to during particularly memorable make outs, or music that made us want to kiss people. Here are a few of our favorites for Frenching.”

Sonic Youth - Kissability
Nobunny - Your Mouth
Hole - Miss World
The Replacements - Kiss Me On The Bus
Madonna - Sky Fits Heaven
Mary Lou Lord - Some Jingle Jangle Morning
The Breeders - Divine Hammer
Liz Phair - Fuck Me And Run
Jawbreaker - Kiss the Bottle
The Julianne Hatfield Three - Spin the Bottle
BLOW - Hey Boy