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T-Shirt Party

T-Shirt Party wants to reclaim London’s streets

T-Shirt Party reps London town, our hometown. No boutiques, no marketing campaigns, no hyped up nonsense, just T-shirts for the people. It's simple: after all it's only white tees – the people’s apparel.” So says T-Shirt Party’s enigmatic founder Stan Still, a man clearly on a mission. Sick of seeing the capital’s streets awash with T-shirts referencing US culture (undoubtedly due in part to the ever-growing popularity of vintage stores), Still decided to try his hand at designing the “ultimate London T-shirt, the ultimate tourist tee that competes with 'I Love New York'.”

A project of ideas (rather than “a fashion thing”) that will run for one year only, TSP’s modus operandi is to release a new T-shirt (always white) every week with an accompanying video that tells the tale of the design or reference. True to its aim, being 13 weeks old it has so far released 13 T-shirts – some thought-provoking, others more light-hearted, but all super stylish and oozing quality. With talented guest designers so far including Dazed contributor Daniel David Freeman and Ferry Gouw, director of videos for The XX, Vampire Weekend and Lightspeed Champion among others, Still is planning many more collaborations before the year’s out. So come on London, get repping.

Photo by Shane Connolley. To see more t-shirts visit their site here.