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Concrete & Glass

Shoreditch's multi-platform, multi-venue art exhibition launches today...

2010 sees the second year of Concrete & Glass with 20 Hoxton Square Projects presenting a unique music and contemporary art event showcasing diverse and innovative talent. Curated by Tom Baker of Eat Your Own Ears, Flora Fairburn and Paul Hitchman, the show will see the likes of David Shrigley, The Cutup Collective presenting Solina Hifi, Volcano the Bear, Owl Project, and RocketNumberNine for unexpected sonic assaults. Dazed speak to the art curators, Fairbairn and Hitchman on the project...

Dazed Digital: How did Concrete & Glass come about?
Flora Fairbairn and Paul Hitchman: Concrete and Glass was launched in 2008 as an annual festival of contemporary music and art. It was a meeting of minds between the curators Tom Baker, Flora Fairbairn and Paul Hitchman, and the co-founder Jim Gottlieb, with financial support from the Beggars Group of record labels and the Arts Council.

DD: What can we expect from the artists curated this year?
Flora Fairbairn and Paul Hitchman: This year the 'Heart of Glass' show has attracted lots of proposals from a very wide range of artists. The proposals have been of a very high standard and it has been an impossible task (although also exciting) to make the selection. The artists we decided on had come up with ideas that were highly imaginative and original, and mostly sculptures or installations. Upstairs will be there will also be ‘shop and office’ curated by Hannah Barry in association with murmurART (FF).

DD: Why Shoreditch?
Flora Fairbairn and Paul Hitchman: It's the place where contemporary art, music and performance meet in London. It's possible to find great spaces to show art and live performances within walking distance of each other.

DD: What do you want people to remember from the events this year?
Flora Fairbairn and Paul Hitchman: That they had a good time and discovered something entirely new and unexpected that twisted their view.

DD: How will Concrete & Glass change the world?
Flora Fairbairn and Paul Hitchman: Concrete and Glass offers a platform for artists to innovate and collaborate outside of the constraints of commercial exploitation and compromise. That is more needed now than ever. We also aim to shine a spotlight on some of the best emerging artists and performers - you will see them here first!

May 13 - May 27. 20 Hoxton Square Projects, London, N1 6NT,