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Light fantastic

East London arts collective Shula's Wigwam show their true colours at Prism Party

As with all the best ideas, one’s immediate reaction is usually: “It’s so obvious – why hasn’t anyone thought of that before?” And so it is with Prism Party, the brainchild of curator Vickie Hayward and illustrator Chrissie Abbott of east London arty collective Shula’s Wigwam. The event on April 30, pitched as “a celebration of colour and unique sensory experiences”, will see Dalston’s Pattern Cutting Factory transformed into a maze of seven rooms, each having a different theme according to the spectrum, for which guests are asked to dress in white to absorb the colour from the bespoke lighting and visuals––in effect turning party-goers into living projectors. Highlights of this journey through the spectrum of light will include Prince karaoke in the purple room, a virtual walk through fields of daffodils in the yellow room, and abstract visuals in the surrealist green room. And if this wasn’t all enough of a treat for the senses, the likes of Upset the Rhythm, the Palace skateboard team and Cherise & Oh Juliette! will be playing suitably synapse-bending DJ sets throughout. So go on, add a bit of colour to your life.
Date: Friday April 30. Price: £6 in white; £9.50 not in white (includes cost of white t-shirt). Venue: The Pattern Cutting Factory, Kingsland Road, Dalston, London. Doors:  9pm – 3am