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Jessica May Underwood (London, UK)

This is one fashion illustrator who is headed for the big time

Jessica May Underwood dabbles in print, logo, embellishment and illustration. With clients ranging from international fashion houses to small businesses, her work has been featured in the collections of Alexander McQueen, Hermione DePaula and most recently, House of Holland. She's a fan of romanticism and has been influenced by Alan Lee, Mervyn Peake, Mucha and Aubrey Beardsley – creating everything from music videos and business logos, to fabric pieces and print designs.

...your work all about?
Detail, time, tradition, decoration, literature, otherworldly-ness and my love of California! That seems to be coming through a lot!

...the one piece of work you wish you'd created?
Any of the pre-Raphaellite paintings... It's amazing to me that people just can't paint like that anymore...

...the world coming to?
I have no idea... The recession has made people do some of the most exciting things though. People are going all romantic, in the metaphorical sense, they are channelling romantic sensibilities more than before.

....the best piece of advice you've ever heard?
There's a lot to be said for slowing down your pace a little.

..the most important thing for an artist to remember?
Someone recently told me to keep pushing, even when everything is going so well for you, keep pushing as much as when you were looking for work and had no money. That's the only way you will keep moving.

... the most inspiring thing you've ever seen?
The Grand Canyon.

...the cleverest thing you've ever done?
Not listened to everyone around me and packed up my bags to drive Route 66.

...the stupidest thing you've ever done?
Worked like a crazy person all hours in a studio and let my prints retail around the world... for no money!
The house of dreams... and lots of exciting new projects with some amazing people!

...the point?