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Charlie White and Boom Bip’s subversive study of teenage girls.

The artist, photographer and filmmaker Charlie White stunned audiences with his hyper-realistic and subversive Understanding Joshua series and Adidas Adicolor promo. Now he unveils the animation feature OMG BFF LOL, and his musical collaboration with Neon Neon/LEX producer Boom Bip. Consisting of three 80s throwback animations starring two teenage girls, OMG BFF LOL dissects the desires and social anxieties of our era through the vacuous empty materialism, loneliness and isolation of the girls Tara and Blakey. It’s a funny, yet slightly disturbing piece with Boom Bip’s remix of the theme tune 'We Love To Shop' its musical partner. OMG BFF LOL is currently showing at The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum in Connecticut.

Dazed Digital: What do you feel are the differences between America and the rest of the world in relation to this project?
Charlie White: America exports desire, consumption and capitalism. Television shows, including cartoons and children's shows, have always acted as cultural ambassadors of our country. For example, the first American television show to air in the USSR during the Cold War was Fraggle Rock. OMG BFF LOL is meant to be transparent, to both openly obsess upon, and question the extreme desires presented through Tara and Blakey, so in this way I think that the three small scenes become utterly accessible.

DD: How did you first meet?
Charlie White: I was introduced to Boom Bip's music through the track 'Coogie Sweater' – an upbeat girly song, it was fun without becoming unintelligent, and these were all of the qualities I was looking for when considering who could make a remix of the OMG theme song.
Boom Bip: I was introduced to Charlie's work when I worked at the Contemporary Art Center in Cincinnati, Ohio. I was in charge of hanging Charlie's work as part of a group show called My Reality. The first piece I took out of the crate was Cocktail Party from his Understanding Joshua series. I was absolutely blown away by the attention to detail and how hyper-realistic his pieces were. For years afterwards I would often imagine a monster breaking into the room at any given moment when I was at a party, or in a mundane social situation.  

DD: Do you see a similarity in the concepts with Neon Neon?
Boom Bip: Absolutely. In his day, John DeLorean personified what many Americans believed to be the American Dream – fast cars, beautiful women, big houses, and good looks. Today, we see wealth and fame without hard work as tabloids, magazines and blogs turn average people into celebs overnight. For example, we support rappers whose main content simply celebrates us giving them money. They actually wave it in our faces and we continue to send it to them. The American dream has really just become the easy way out.  

DD: Charlie, what’s next with The Girl Studies?
Charlie White: My next project will be a feature-length film. The Girl Studies ended with the publication of American Minor, which was an overview of all of my teen-oriented work from 2003 to 2009, and surveyed each of the elements of The Girl Studies; OMG BFF LOL, Teen and Transgender Comparative Study, and a short film of the same name, American Minor.

DD: Bryan, how’s the new album coming along?
Boom Bip: It is near completion and we'll have some singles and live shows this year and the album out early 2010. The record is quite a jump from the last record and full of surprises. Every track is aggressive, mathematically tribal, psychedelic, confusing and beautiful. I'm also recording with a new band made up of other musicians from other bands in UK and LA – We'll announce the line up and name soon. Gruff Rhys and I will also be brainstorming ideas for a possible sequel to our Neon Neon project.

OMG BFF LOL in the Bathroom

OMG BFF LOL in the Bedroom

OMG BFF LOL in the Mall