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Fanpages 2
Fanpages 2: Marine NeuillyCourtesy of IDEA

Fanpages 2 pays tribute to David Lynch, 90s couples and more

The zine-book is back, with everyone from Beth Ditto to Katie Grand revealing their cult obsessions

Fanpages – the zine-slash-hardcover book published by IDEA is back. The follow-up to last year’s issue (starring Louis Theroux, Chloë Sevigny and more) has dropped at Dover Street Market and is full of people declaring their consuming, nerdy love for things.

Particular highlights? Katie Grand on Mert & Marcus, Ashley Williams posing in her favourite Stephen Sprouse dress, and Edward Meadham writing lists of things he loves (Bowie, Lacroix, Suspiria, Lydia Lunch, Biba) and hates (ignorance, brutalism, Theresa May). There’s also Palace boy Blondey McCoy waxing lyrical on his love of jewellery, Charlotte Landrum of the David Lynch Fan Club discussing getting a hair cut to match her idol, Beth Ditto selecting Poly Styrene and Marine Neuilly of The Plasticines on 90s celeb couples.

Fanpages is the brainchild of Kira Jolliffe and Bay Garnett, known for Cheap Datethe best 00s zine you’ve never heard of – which went on to inspire others like The Mushpit. “Fanpages and Cheap Date are kind of like cousins. They are related in tone, and in their inclusiveness,” Garnett told us last year. “Fanpages is given over to contributors essentially, whereas Cheap Date wasn't. The idea came when we were thinking about doing Cheap Date again. We thought we would have a page in the mag that was given over to fandom – no matter how cheesy. Patti Smith! Johnny Thunders! And the idea of Fanpages was born.” 

Pick yours up (it comes with stickers!) at DSM – copies are limited.