London! D&AD is looking for the next wave of creatives

Seeking to uncover London’s hidden talent, D&AD is offering chosen participants the opportunity to undergo a 12-week intensive course to help launch their futures

When it comes to breaking into the creative industries, young people are so often told that it’s just a case of being in the right place at the right time – get stuck in, wait it out and sooner or later, you’ll get your chance.

However, without the right university on your CV, or that all-important friend-of-the-family who’s going to recommend you to the Big Boss, that one chance can be all but impossible to come by. It makes for an unforgiving, cutthroat environment, desperately in need of a fresh perspective – but, with their New Blood Shift initiative, a fresh perspective is exactly what D&AD are hoping to provide.  

The unique diversity programme – now in its second year – launched on June 14, with the aim of discovering London’s brightest untapped creative talent and providing them with a platform to make their way in the creative sphere. For this year’s scheme, D&AD are looking for young people without any kind of formal university education to take part in an intensive, 12 week night school, in order to give them that step-up into a notoriously difficult industry.

To apply, entrants have to submit an example of their work, which can it can be anything from poetry, film scripts and photography series, to graphic design, art, or a personal vlog.

Entry criteria states that applicants must be over 18, not hold a degree level qualification and not be currently enrolled in university or art school. Simple.

“Shift 2016 proved that the talent is out there, it just needs a helping hand” – Tim Lindsay

Last year, 17 young creatives were selected as D&AD’s ‘Class of 2016’, securing paid placements at Havas, Leo Burnett, The Partners, Iris, Apple, Turner Duckworth and MRM Meteorite in the process. Three of the class have since been offered full-time employment.

Tim Lindsay, CEO at D&AD, explained: “The idea that creative excellence can only come from having a university degree has limited us for too long. Shift 2016 proved that the talent is out there, it just needs a helping hand.

“We want to work with the agencies and brands in creative industry to attract a far greater diversity of talent. People that can challenge what has gone before, can provide different perspectives and different solutions”

Success shouldn’t be dependent on who you are, or who you’re fortunate enough to know; for prospective applicants, D&AD’s New Blood Shift can provide a foot in a door that so frequently finds itself slammed shut.

Deadline for entry is August 2, 2017 at 2pm. You can apply for D&AD New Blood Shift here