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Will Beyoncé’s twins save the reputation of Geminis?

The babies are supposedly here – but they’ve been born under the internet’s most-hated sign

Following reports last week that Beyoncé was in labour with her twins, her dad dropped an absolute whoopsie and accidentally told the world that they had already arrived. Yesterday, on Father’s Day, Mathew Knowles wished the twins happy birthday on Instagram, dropping the bomb and pissing off Beyoncé fans everywhere. Last week there was increased security at UCLA Medical Centre, where someone dropped off two baby carriers and a card addressed to J+B, and Solange Knowles rocked up, so the chances are that yeah, Bey has had the beybies. US Weekly even claim to know the sex(es). While it would have been great for Queen Bey to get to announce the delivery herself via a genre-spanning multimedia project, that time will come. There are far more important matters at hand currently: like, the fact that they are Geminis.

There is of course a very beautiful, astrological poetry to the fact that Beyoncé’s twins are Geminis. However, there’s also a super serious issue to contend with: the fact that, by and large, Geminis are pretty universally despised. One Twitter user even requested that Beyoncé hold them in for a few more days. I suppose any children of Bey’s needed a bit of shit to balance out the tapestry of excellence that will be their lives, but still. Regardless of where you stand on the Gemini vs. The World debate, there’s still a lot to think about. Does it even matter that these twins are born under the sign of the sneak? Can they be redeemed? And can they single-handedly clear the good name of Geminis everywhere?

I spoke to Sara Delphi, a leading clairvoyant and astrologer, to find out what Bey’s twins being Gemini really means – and whether it matters as much as some Twitter users seem to think. I asked Sara, firstly, why people hate Geminis so much. “They love tricks. They’re the great prankster”, she says. “they are this dual personality. They’ll get up, go and get something, and come back and you never know which Gemini you’re going to get. And they are a little fickle. Because they like tricks they can also be a bit tricky”.

But all that restlessness isn’t just negative – Sara tells me that Bey’s twins are also likely to be very bright. “These children are going to be very quick. They’ll talk fairly early. They’ll be into absolutely everything. I should imagine the little girl will talk before the boy and then he’ll catch up. They’ll be fun to be around. Geminis are up for anything, really,” Sara explains.

I asked Sara whether there is any significance to the twins being born under Gemini. She says: “There are loads of twins born in Gemini. It’s almost like they’re going to have four little personalities to contend with, but because they are under the sign of the twins, I think they’re going to be extremely close. What one does, the other will follow. You can’t be a twin and be born under a better sign. They’ve got these four little personalities, and they might mimic each other as well. They’re going to be inquisitive and they’re going to be a handful, but because they’re twins born under the sign of the twins, they’ll stick together.”

But all that closeness begs the question – how will these naughty, restless, two-faced little twins interact with big sister Blue Ivy? “The eldest child is going to have to take a bit of a backseat when these two reach toddlers,” she says. “Probably as well she’s going to have to have a sense of humour because these two are going to play tricks. They can be a little cunning and a little sly and they don’t like to reveal too much of their emotions. Blue Ivy is Capricorn, and Capricorns are very prudent and very careful. Gemini is very different from Capricorn. They’re really going to have different children, you know? But it can work because opposites attract each other.”

I mean, no matter what, Beyoncé’s children were likely always going to be smart, inquisitive, and interesting people. Being born under Gemini won’t impact that – but what it will do is bring some credibility to a long-maligned sign shared by Mike Pence, Donald Trump, and serial killer Son of Sam. It’s also worth bearing in mind that Kanye, Kendrick Tupac, and a whole ton of not-evil artists are also Gemini. Plus, with Beyoncé and Jay as their parents, how bad could these kids actually turn out?