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Skam Vilde
Vilde (Ulrikke Falch) in SkamCourtesy of NRK

Skam fans are leaving anonymous Post-It notes in bathrooms

The body-positive campaign was started by actress Ulrikke Falch, and has spread worldwide

Actress Ulrikke Falch, who plays Vilde, the bubbly blonde on Norway’s cult teen series Skam, has mastered the art of Instagram. Falch posts a mix of earnest pleas about how we are all affected by the advertising and media industries and funny, post-baked potato selfies and weird memes. But her best videos are takedowns of the patriarchy, like this tongue-in-cheek video that pokes holes in arguments uninformed men often make about why women get raped.

The actress is now harnessing her 950k-strong following for an anonymous, body-positive Post-It note campaign together with former magazine editor Susanne Kaluza. “In company with Sunn Fornuft-plakaten we are trying to engage people all over the world to join us in this post-it movement!” she announced on Instagram.

“We want to make people aware of how commercial and media are affecting our self-esteem. Help us spread post-it notes with bodypositive messages! Take a pic of your post-it note and hang it in fitting rooms, on posters or public toilets! Tag your picture with #postitgeriljaen and SPREAD THE WORD!”

Falch recently opened up about an eating disorder that she suffered from, which parallels her character’s arc on the show. (In season two of Skam, we see Vilde receive advice from Noora about her eating habits.) It’s an experience that Falch shares with an alarming number of teen girls who struggle with body image issues.

“The eating disorder is always there. In your back. It’s in your nails, while you hold on for dear life to the few things you still have left: control, lists, numbers, spreadsheets. The hollow space forms a knot in the pit my stomach – made up of all that is no longer there,” Falch told Norway’s Aftenposten.

With #PostitSquad (the English hashtag), Skam fans are plastering the mirrors of public toilets around the world with anonymous, body-positive messages. They’re written on Post-It notes, intended to boost the morale of those who come across them. Since its initiation, the campaign has spread to the US, Belgium, United Arab Emirates, Brazil and Russia.