Neill Blomkamp teases mysterious new sci-fi project

Oat Studios is a series of ‘experimental shorts’

Neill Blomkamp – the South African auteur behind District 9, Chappie and Elysium – has released a teaser for his mysterious new project, Oats Studios.

Described as a series of “experimental shorts”, the films will be released on digital platform Steam in the next couple of months. Although plot details remain vague, the director has shared a minute-long trailer for the project, which reveals more of the classic sci-fi visuals Blomkamp has become famed for. This includes lizard-like aliens, haunted soldiers, and a massive floating blob of blackness. “We were once mankind,” intones an enigmatic voiceover. “We were humanity. They came here to exterminate us.”

Hints about the series were first dropped earlier this year, when Blomkamp began asking his Twitter followers if they’d be interested in watching some experimental short films on Steam. According to him, they’d be “tests” for “potential full feature films”. Shortly afterwards, he shared a 15-second teaser of a soldier shooting down a plane.

There’s currently no details on the exact release date for Oats Studios – other than the fact it’ll be coming “soon.” In the meantime, you can watch the first full trailer above.