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Pay Trump Bribes Here
One of Robin Bill's projections onto Trump International Hotel in Washington, DCPhotography Liz Gorman

Artist protests Trump by projecting insults on his hotel


A large light projection of the words “Pay Trump Bribes Here” appeared above the door of the Trump International Hotel in Washington, DC last night.

Photos of the projections emerged on Twitter, with multimedia journalist and social justice artist Robin Bell since taking credit for the display. The rotation of images and messages remained on the building for roughly 10 minutes before the hotel's security blocked Bell's projection van.

Other projections on the hotel included the text of the American constitution's emoluments clause along with the words “Emoluments Welcome” and an “Open 24 Hours” motel sign. It also displayed the Turkish, Chinese, Saudi Arabian and Russian flags beneath the text. “(They are) the countries we know for sure are paying Trump money,” Bell explained.

This act of artistic protest by Bell comes after Trump has been faced with a lawsuit put forward by the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington. The liberal watchdog group claims that he has violated the emoluments clause, which prevents federal officials from taking payments from foreign governments. Trump has described the case, which would prohibit any of the businesses he owns from accepting money from any foreign government, as being “totally without merit.” 

This is the latest in a series of protest projections that Bell has taken part in recently, with others circulating online of the letters "IM" over a picture of a peach. At a rally in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania marking Trump's 100th day in office, Bell's van projected a message onto the wall outside the venue that read: "In your first 100 days, you've attacked our health, our environment and our economy. American's will not stand for these assaults. We won't let you ignore the overwhelming public support for climate action".