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via Netflix / Orange is the New Black

Sassy hackers leak latest season of Orange Is The New Black

After Netflix didn't respond to ransom demands they said they were ‘quite ashamed to breathe the same air’ as them

Hackers are petty. This is what can be established after a group which goes by the (hopefully ironic, but probably not) name of The Dark Overlord decided to leak Season 5 of everyone's favourite women's prison-based Netflix show Orange Is The New Black yesterday.

On Friday The Dark Overlord initially demanded that Netflix pay a ransom to prevent all the new episodes from being released online, but after they were "unresponsive" the group went ahead and uploaded a torrent of the show on Saturday.

In a press release the hackers said cheekily: "Did you miss us? Of course, you did. We're willing to bet Netflix did as well. Speaking of which, Netflix clearly received our message considering they've made public statements and was one of the first people to download a fresh copy of their own property (Hello,!)"

Sassy, huh. In the release the hackers also addressed the fact that they were "quite ashamed to breathe the same air" as Netflix as they had only asked for a "modest" sum, and that they were getting complaints from users about the quality of the uploads.

"You're more than welcome to release your own episodes," they said.

According to the Guardian, the hackers were able to access the files through breaching a small production vendor in Los Gatos, California, who described the hack as an “active situation” that was being investigated by the FBI.

The latest season of the show wasn't set to be released until 9 June. It follows the aftermath of the death of Poussey Washington (Samira Wiley), as Litchfield descends into a prison riot.

Watch the trailer below.

Dazed have reached out to The Dark Overlord, Netflix and Twitter for comment