Watch the trailer for creepy new Netflix series, The Keepers

Something to fill the Making a Murderer-shaped hole in your life

Netflix has just released the trailer for The Keepers, the crime documentary aiming to follow in the footsteps of the hit Making a Murderer

The series revolves around the story of a Baltimore nun, Sister Cathy, whose murder fifty years ago remains unsolved. The trailer suggests she was murdered because she was going to reveal sexual abuse in the church, and that there was a collaboration between the church and the state to make sure her murderer was never brought to justice. 

Not only is it suggested that Sister Cathy was killed to silence her, it seems she was even used as a warning for others. A testimony from a woman who tried to report clerical sexual abuse details how she was actually taken to the site of Sister Cathy’s body (before it was discovered by authorities) to show her what happened “when you say bad things about people”.

Directed by Ryan White (The Case Against 8), the trailer promises dramatic revelations that will have everyone binge-watching until well into the night.

All seven episodes will be released worldwide on Netflix on May 19. Watch the full trailer above.