Get your first look at new Amazon series I Love Dick

Kathryn Hahn lusts after Kevin Bacon in the latest preview of the adaptation of Chris Kraus’s iconic novel

Amazon have shared the latest preview for provocative new series I Love Dick, starring Kathryn Hahn, Griffin Dune and Kevin Bacon.

Written and directed by Transparent’s Jill Soloway, the forthcoming show is adapted from Chris Kraus’s semi-autobiographical novel of the same name. It chronicles the relationship of Chris and Sylvère, a struggling married couple that share an obsession with the eponymous Dick, a charismatic professor played by a definitely-more-smoldering-than-usual Kevin Bacon.

Here’s the official synopsis:

“Indie filmmaker Chris (Hahn) has spent most of her adult life in the shadow of her older and successful academic husband Sylvère (Dunne). When her latest work is accepted into the Venice International Film Festival, Chris finally gets her big break. She plans to head to Italy after dropping off Sylvère at a residency fellowship program in the remote West Texas art haven of Marfa, run by the legendary artist Dick Jarrett (Bacon). Excited for their new prospects, Chris and Sylvère sublet their cramped New York apartment and set out on a cross-country road trip.”

What follows is a story of monogamy, art, sex and obsession as Chris and Sylvère’s marriage is turned upside-down by Dick’s enigmatic presence. “Dear Dick, you’re like a Roman god bringing the spirit of sex into our lives,” remarks Hahn in the trailer, as a shirtless Kevin Bacon strides towards the camera clutching a lamb to his chest, looking every inch the metaphysical, psycho-sexual pin-up.

Speaking to Dazed earlier in the year, Kraus remarked on her original book’s use of the first person in its presentation. She explained: “When I was writing the book it seemed very important to reclaim the ‘I’. Even now, when women use the first person, it’s perceived as a little sullied, compromised, not completely whole. No one blinks at the male ‘I’ because it is considered to be the universal.”

“During this period, I had started to edit the ‘Native Agents’ series for Semiotext(e). After three or four books, I realised they were almost all written by women and written in the first person. They weren’t memoirs – it was an introspective and adventurous first person. That was the kind of female ‘I’ that I was hoping to promote.”

Watch the steamy trailer for the Amazon adaptation above.