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richard spencer
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Neo-Nazi gets ‘punched and glitter bombed’ at protest

Richard Spencer was accosted (again) at an anti-Syrian war demonstration this weekend

All bets are off in American politics. It is official that just about anything can happen. This time, Richard Spencer, a member of the white supremacist faction of US politics, was glitter bombed at an anti-Syria war protest on Saturday.

A member of Antifas, a US anti-fascist anarchist movement, managed to get past Spencer’s security detail and stage their own counter protest, in glitter form (reports also claim that the protester may have landed a punch on Spencer, though the footage isn't quite clear enough to confirm). A group of Antifas members then chased the white supremacist off, calling him a “Nazi snowflake”.  Anarchy then ensued, as the glitter bomb culprit was later tackled by one of Spencer’s alt right cronies. See below:

Apparently having lost his nerve, Spencer asked DC police for an escort and to be taken to “a safe place”. He managed to eventually flee the protest, but not before running through DC to find another cab as Antifa members had surrounded his getaway car. In true white supremacist form, he wasted no time ridiculing his Indian cab driver at a party later that evening.

Despite previously endorsing Trump and his racist, misogynistic madness, Spencer has angrily opposed the President’s air strikes in Syria, as well as his apparent softened approach to immigration since being elected.

This altercation is (unsurprisingly) not the first time Spencer has incited the wrath of the militant far left. After all, this is the man who popularised the term “alt right”, gave Trump a Nazi salute to welcome him as President, and celebrated the “de-Judaification” of the Holocaust after Trump’s failure to mention Jews or anti-Semitism in his Holocaust Remembrance Day statement.

Back in January, at Trump’s inauguration, he was punched in the face during a live interview as he explained the significance of the “Pepe the Frog” mascot adopted by the alt right. And, like all outrageous (and sometimes mundane) random newsworthy occurrences, footage of Spencer being punched very quickly bred all manner of memes.

Undoubtedly, this footage is likely to be used in the same delightfully hilarious way (like below). Watch this space.