SNL spoofs the ‘tone deaf’ axed Kendall Jenner Pepsi ad

‘I stop the police from shooting black people by handing them a Pepsi...cute, right?’

It was just last week that everything bubbled over for that dystopian Pepsi ad co-opting the political resistance. The now pulled commercial was completely destroyed by Twitter and anyone who’s actually been to a protest, and now it’s been on the receiving end of an SNL takedown.

On a new episode of Saturday Night Live, aired at the weekend, the cast do a behind-the-scenes spoof of the Pepsi ad. Surrounded by banal protest signs, the director (Beck Bennett), gets a call from his sister, and tells her how psyched he is with the concept.

“It’s an homage to the resistance,” he says. “There’s this huge protest in the street, reminiscent of Black Lives Matter. Everybody is marching and they get to these police officers and you think it’s going to go bad because there’s kind of a standoff, and then Kendall Jenner walks in. She walks up to one of the police officers and hands him a Pepsi. That Pepsi brings everyone together.”

On the other end of the phone which we can’t hear, his sister takes it down, he repeats: “sort of tone deaf?” Getting another guy on the line, he defends the ad as multicultural, but concludes: “Oh, we’re just using them… to sell soda?”

Cecily Strong takes on the role of a Kendall Jenner, with her blonde wig. Exiting a trailer, she says: “Um, I stop the police from shooting black people by handing them a Pepsi,” she says. “I know. It’s cute, right?”. Because sugar-coating #theresistance is major cute!

The rest of the show, hosted by Louis C.K, sees Alec Baldwin play both Donald Trump and Bill O’Reilly in sketches.

Watch the savage takedown of the ad above.