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gal-dem for Levi’s Dazed
gal-dem for Levi’sPhotography James Robjant, styling Ben Schofield

Remastering the classics with gal-dem and Campbell Addy

We team up with the award-winning magazine for WoC and photographer Campbell Addy to celebrate the reshaping of the world’s most iconic jean

Levi’s 501s are a wardrobe classic. As denim though, they are also symbolic of a kind of rebellious spirit that has been continuously adopted by various different subcultures – from rock ‘n’ rollers to hippies and even, punks. Channelling this energy of defiant nonconformity today are the award-winning independent platform for WoC, gal-dem and the similar diversity-championing work of young London photographer and Nii agency founder, Campbell Addy.   

Both have remastered their respective fields, challenging the dominant structures of power and representation (or lack thereof) in media and the arts. So, naturally, we tapped them to introduce the world to Levi’s own radical remaster of the iconic 501 cut: the 501 Skinny. This new, slimmer silhouette is a marked departure from tradition for the jeans. Who better to guide this transition then, than those as well-versed in challenging norms as gal-dem and Addy both are?

Identifying the gap left by the lack of PoC experiences in mainstream media, both the girls of gal-dem and Campbell Addy have successfully DIY-ed their own networks of people that are representative of these too-often sidelined points of view – and, crucially, have had fun while doing so. From taking over the V&A to starting agencies full of talented young PoC to address these imbalances, both gal-dem and Addy have been committed to expanding these limited, ticked-box approaches to inclusivity by simply presenting their experiences as multifaceted as any person’s, really.

Here, they brought this label-questioning creativity to showcasing these remastered Levi’s 501s, in exclusive photos and film content that will be posted to the site in the next few days. On brand for both, these visuals will exclusively feature models and talents of colour just being their authentic selves – challenging those traditionally dominant narrative conventions just by existing. “We are here,” they say – and this is your new classic: the Levi’s 501 Skinny. 

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