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Shaolin Fantastic

Watch the stakes skyrocket in latest The Get Down trailer

Mylene, Zeke and the gang continue to chase their dreams, despite strict and dodgy parents, drug schemes, beckoning careers and a fast-changing New York City

Following the short but sweet teaser for the second part of hip-hop drama The Get Down, a more in-depth trailer has been dropped that highlights the stratospheric stakes for the Bronx gang and their musical aspirations.

Baz Luhrmann’s show picks up a year after the previous series’ events: Mylene rides the waning disco wave, touted as the next big star on a rocky road to the top despite her strict father’s wishes, and Zeke (‘Books’) battles with a fledgling career and the promising path that leads to the rise and rise of hip-hop against the changing NY cityscape of the 70s. Their romance continues as they chance their dreams: “From now on, we’re living for the music,” says Zeke.

Elsewhere, Shaolin Fantastic finds his involvement with the drug scheme of Fat Annie’s encroach on The Get Down brothers, forced to collaborate with her insufferable son Cadillac. “I don’t want my soul on loan,” Zeke asserts to Shaolin. “You gotta get out of this drug thing.” 

He ponders: “If making something of myself, means losing myself, then what am I making?”

The Get Down returns to Netflix on April 7.