What’s going on in the cryptic season 2 trailer for The OA?

The second series of the weird sci-fi hit has been confirmed with a small glimpse at what’s to come

A brief visual has been dropped by Netflix to announce the second season of The OA – an enigmatic, sci-fi mystery that saw Prairie reappear seven years after she went missing, no longer blind. As we watched her gain followers, teach them the movements to open another dimension and fight for her trapped friends, we were left in the lurch with a questionable series ending that spun our whole perspective on the 10-episode long show out.

Now the second season has been confirmed with a 15-second long cryptic clip. A plume of smoke – representing the drugs pumped into captives’ cages so the doctor could do his sometimes-fatal experiments – wafts across the screen. A voice whispers ‘Homer’. Hopefully, it means we haven’t heard the last of those Prairie, played by Brit Marling, left behind in the cellar lab.

Brief glimpses of the bridge that Prairie jumped off in the opening scene of the first season are shown. As one Redditor also points out, the braille shown reads “SURVIVE” and what could possibly be “DD”.

In a video interview with Vulture, Marling said of Part II: “We always thought of it almost like books, and there could be many different volumes”.

“In some ways, (part one) is a self-contained story. (But) the science-fiction, meta-fictional elements are open-ended so there can be a part two in which we can delve into those spaces.”