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Trump baby painting
Cody Critcheloe

Why we must reject this racist, sexist, incompetent baby

As Donald Trump becomes President of the USA, we look at the endless reasons why he is totally unfit for the job

Today, America inaugurates the 45th President of the United States in the form of the puerile and sociopathic Donald J. Trump – a reality so preposterous on its face that the Sunday Herald held no qualms about mocking it in a TV listing that went viral this past weekend. Even by conservative standards, Trump has quickly been assessed as the least competent and most dangerous president-elect in modern United States history.

He’s also the least popular. According to the most recent Gallup poll, Trump’s favorability rating heading into the inauguration is at a historic low, coming in at over 20 points beneath the least popular president-elect of the past two-plus decades (George W. Bush in 2001). This is significant, especially given what Trump will have us believe. He insists via Twitter that his inaugural event will be “even bigger than expected.”

However, city parking permits have only been requested for 200 buses for attendees – compare that with Obama’s 3,000 buses in 2009, or the 1,200 buses granted parking permits for the D.C. Women’s March tomorrow. In fact, maybe Trump is referring to the “bigness” of the resistance demonstration that will accompany his first day in office: with over 200,000 demonstrators expected to attend the D.C. rally (and millions of others at over 600 sister marches worldwide), Saturday is expected to be the biggest civil protest connected with a presidential inauguration in U.S. history. 

Then again, Trump loves to conflate numbers in order to compensate for his mythic personal insecurities. Though he repeatedly touts that he won the Electoral College “by a landslide,” Trump’s win falls within the bottom fifth of all Electoral College victories, ever – which is not to mention the fact that he lost the popular tally to Hillary Clinton by a wide margin of three million votes. This inalienable fact is not one Trump has gone on record to acknowledge, not that it matters. It’s part of public record.

All of this is to say that neither you, I, nor anybody is under a mandate to accept Donald Trump as a legitimate United States President. Not only should we tune out all televised proceedings and strip him of his ratings (which he seems to prize above things like healthcare, education, prison reform, NATO alliances, human rights, and climate science) but we should strip him of all pomp and circumstance that serves to exalt his misbegotten rank as commander-in-chief. Countless entertainers and nearly 70 lawmakers have done their part by declining to attend Trump’s surreal festivities, and we can do ours by refraining from watching and reacting on social media. Instead, focus on the opposition and support the marches and rallies. Make your voice heard by standing up against the tyranny of our present nightmare.

If you need reasons, here are merely a few. Six U.S. intelligence agencies including the FBI, the CIA, and the Justice Department are continuing to investigate Trump’s connections with Russia during the election and whether any financial support was funnelled from the Kremlin into Trump’s campaign in a covert attempt to help him secure the White House. The biggest travesty about the bombshell report published by BuzzFeed News, which detailed Trump’s alleged cooperation with Russian interference in the election, was that the scintillating story of Trump’s sexual exploits gave the Trump team a cover to broadly delegitimise an unsubstantiated report as “fake news,” a trending term that ironically originated from falsified stories verifiably planted by Russia in order to breed discontent on Facebook and steer support in Trump’s direction. How’s that for a spin job? It’s like he’s pissing on all of us and saying it’s raining. Not only is the intelligence report not “fake” (a determination that must be verified in its own right), but it was concerning enough for major U.S. intelligence agencies to brief both president Obama and president-elect Trump on its contents.

“Trump’s cabinet picks so far share a combined net worth that exceeds $14 billion. Trump isn’t draining the swamp, he’s overflowing it with toxins”

If the report about Russia’s controlling interest in Trump’s presidency proves valid, not only will it mean that Trump committed treason in order to obtain the highest position of power in the free world, but it could alternately (or perhaps concurrently) destabilise the treaties and alliances that have served to largely maintain peace in Europe and the U.S. since World War II, stacking the deck for more nationalism, divisiveness, and war down the line. This is not only an enormous red flag, it’s a five-fire alarm. Trump’s transition has shown that he not only undermines the interests and beliefs of a majority of American voters who oppose him, but that he’s also betraying the interests and beliefs of the electorate who put him into power. The simultaneity of these offenses is a wonder to behold: Having pledged a ban on Muslims entering the United States, a return to employing military torture techniques, and plans to build a hyperbolic wall separating Mexico from the United States (paid for by Mexico), Trump has introduced no cohesive plans to achieve these terrible goals. 

Additionally, his own cabinet appointees have expressed scepticism regarding the feasibility required to fulfil such measures, and questioned their logic on top of it. Sometimes, they even disagree with him categorically. That’s awkward. Speaking of Trump’s cabinet picks, they directly fly in the face of his pledge to “drain the swamp” of corruption he so often screamed about. His pick for Health and Human Services Secretary wants to abolish public health care, his pick for head of the Environmental Protection Agency rejects climate science, his Secretary of State is an oil executive with ties to foreign businesses, the Secretary of Energy nominee has campaigned to abolish the very Department of Energy he would ostensibly govern, and the Department of Education pick wants to defund public schools. The villainy is cartoonish, but it is sadly taking a slow march toward reality. It’s almost as if the President-elect is trolling the country by purposefully picking the most corrupt and counterproductive nominees to oversee every single department of government out of pure revenge against the progress made under Obama. Not only that, Trump’s cabinet picks so far share a combined net worth that exceeds $14 billion. Trump isn’t draining the swamp, he’s overflowing it with toxins.

Trump’s presidency will likely self-immolate in short order, so to get on board with his looming political demise doesn’t even require much effort (and you’ll get to say “I told you so”). Many of us have been left wondering “What can I do to combat this menace to civilisation?” And the best answer might be that he’s already taking care of it for us. In his decision not to break interest when it comes to his business holdings by setting up a blind trust – a policy of the federal government observed by every President since Jimmy Carter – Trump will be in violation of the Constitution from his first day in office onward. To put his children in charge of the Trump Organization is legally considered to be the opposite of what he’s supposed to do, which is to appoint an impartial independent trustee. When you couple this major fuck-up with his opaqueness regarding his emoluments from foreign governments, it becomes inevitable that Trump will trigger the ire of the judiciary. Next comes litigation. Then the Department of Justice will have no choice but to look into his finances. Congress will feel pressure to intervene once Trump’s scandals (like his tax returns) float to the surface, and it may become one of the most distracting and unfortunate financial scandals to befall the White House in United States history.

Lastly, Trump is famously racist. Not only did he begin his political career by questioning the religion and the birthplace of the country’s first African American President, but he actually jumpstarted his real estate career by violating the Fair Housing Act, for which he was sued by the Department of Justice in 1973. Federal officials discovered that Trump had refused to rent to black tenants and even lied to black applicants about the availability of units. It was the first in a long line of racist policies within the Trump Organisation before he would go on to secure the Republican nomination and bring back fears of internment camps in America. On the weekend of Martin Luther King Day earlier this month, Trump attacked civil rights legend John Lewis when Lewis stated in an interview that he was boycotting the inauguration. Trump responded by calling Lewis’s congressional district of Atlanta “crime-infested,” reducing the vibrant and culturally diverse city to a bad racial stereotype, on perhaps the worst day of the yearly calendar to make such a callous and ignorant remark.

“Trump’s attitude toward black America is so insidiously out of step that there is no place for it in the country that birthed Dr. Martin Luther King Jr”

Trump’s attitude toward black America is so insidiously out of step that there is no place for it in the country that birthed Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. As Rep. Lewis said in a statement the following day, “Some leaders reject decades of progress and want to return to the dark past, when the power of law was used to deny the freedoms protected by the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and its amendments.” In “Making America Great Again,” Trump is that cowardly sort of leader, and for that reason alone he is manifestly unqualified to lead.

So for those reasons, among endless others, do not watch the presidential inauguration of the fraudulent Donald Trump, and do not listen to conservative pundits and trolls who try to tell you to “grow up” and accept the results of this highly corrupt election. They may try to demean you and your message, and make you feel like a sore loser, but history remains on the side of progress. Stay resolute in your anger, and have faith that in voicing your dissent you are actually making a difference. There are already more demonstrators heading to D.C. than there are spectators. Can we unseat a demagogue from the highest rung of power by rejecting his legitimacy outright? Such an act might be unprecedented, but that doesn’t preclude it from happening. If this election has taught us a lesson, it’s that anything is possible. If Donald Trump insists on abandoning federal policy in favour of his own self-interest, we can likewise abandon norms and traditions that recognise and encourage his power. Trump’s violations of the constitution, conflicts of interest, bigoted remarks, lies, histrionic media distractions, and his astounding incompetence are all unprecedented for an American President. So let’s give him an unprecedented welcome. Rebuff the illegitimate. Reject Donald Trump.