How one teen’s walk home is her slice of freedom

Watch Jesse Heath’s Instagram-cast short film Everyday I Walk the Same Way Home

“Sometimes I just want to get out,” says Mackenzie, the LA teen and star of British director Jesse Heath’s new short film Everyday I Walk the Same Way Home. “Like I’m stuck in a glass room and I can see all around me. Mountains and wide open roads, but it’s out of reach.” Premiered here on Dazed Digital, this film is about Mackenzie’s walk home from school – a journey that she prolongs because of problems at home and one that represents, in Heath’s words, “a slice of freedom”. Adding an element of authenticity to the short, the entire cast – including Mackenzie – are IRL LA teens cast via Instagram, not professional actors. Read this interview with Heath to find out more about this process and the symbolism of MacKenzie’s walk home.