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Pirelli calendar 2017
Julianne MooreCourtesy Pirelli / Peter Lindburgh

Pirelli reveals completely un-retouched calendar for 2017

The Peter Lindbergh-shot campaign features Lea Seydoux, Julianne Moore, Lupita Nyong’o and more

Pirelli has unveiled its new, Hollywood-themed calendar for 2017. The brand – which is known for its sexed-up photography of the world’s most beautiful women – has decided to scrap the erotic model shots for the second year in a row, opting instead for a completely un-retouched, more natural campaign.

Shot by Peter Lindbergh, this year’s calendar celebrates actresses from the film industry’s past and present, with Uma Thurman, Nicole Kidman, Charlotte Rampling, Julianne Moore, Robin Wright and Helen Mirren all featuring. It also looks at the decade’s most exciting new talents, including Jessica Chastain, Lupita Nyong’o, Rooney Mara, and Lea Seydoux. 

“My aim was to portray women in a different way,” said Lindbergh during a press conference on Tuesday. “And I did it by calling in actresses who have played an important role in my life, getting as close as possible to them to take my photos. As an artist, I feel I’m responsible for freeing women from the idea of eternal youth and perfection. The ideal of perfect beauty promoted by society is something that simply can’t be attained.”

The 2017 calendar aims to promote a rawer, more ‘stripped-back’ aesthetic, with all the actresses having minimal makeup, hair styling, and wardrobe. Speaking to press, campaign star Mirren described the results – which were also completely free from photoshop – as “simple, human and real”.

“It's dangerous, we are used to such spectacular images – amazing locations, incredible lighting, airbrushing – and we're going away from that,” explained the actress. “It's dangerous because our eyes need to become re-educated. We're used to digital-enhanced images, let's go back to the simple truth of humanity.”

It’s not the first time Pirelli has strayed from its signature style. Last year, the brand enlisted Annie Leibovitz to shoot a more “influential” lineup of women to star in the calendar; calling in names like Yoko Ono, Patti Smith and Tavi Gevinson.

“In a time when women are represented in the media and everywhere else as ambassadors of perfection and youth, I thought it was important to remind everyone that there is a different beauty, more real and truthful and not manipulated by commercial or any other interests, a beauty which speaks about individuality, courage to be yourself and your own private sensibility,” added Lindbergh.