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Tila Tequila’s Nazi salutevia Twitter

Tila Tequila banned from Twitter following neo-Nazi posts

The reality star’s account was suspended after she shared an image of a Hitler salute

Tila Tequila – the reality TV star and former MySpace queen – has had her Twitter account suspended this week following a series of neo-Nazi posts.

The social media site blocked Tequila shortly after she shared an image of her doing a Hitler salute, along with the caption “Seig heil!”. The picture had reportedly been taken at a white supremacist (or “alt-right”) gathering in Washington, DC. 

The tweet, which was shared on Monday (November 21), was one of many Nazi-influenced social media posts from the star. Despite being born in Singapore to a Vietnamese family, the Texas-raised Tequila has been vocal about her admiration for both Adolf Hitler and the white nationalist movement for the last few years. 

One of the most recent examples, posted on her Twitter earlier this month, saw the star respond to Trump’s presidential win by mocking undocumented immigrants.“Are you and your people ready to be rounded up to FEMA camps?,” she wrote. “Actually, that may be letting you off too easy!”

Tequila also tweeted a posthumous “happy birthday” to Hitler back in April – and even went as far as to call the notorious German fascist her “boo” in another post. “Using necromancy to bring my boo Hitler back to life so he can really gas I mean... say hello to everyone,” she joked. In 2013, she sparked further controversy when she shared a photoshopped image on Facebook of her wearing a Nazi armband while standing in front of Auschwitz concentration camp. 

The social media star has previously denied any allegations of racism, saying in 2015 that was “absolutely not 100 per cent a Nazi supporter”. However, at the time of the suspension, her Twitter account bio included the description: “Alt-reich queen! Literally Hitler!”

Dazed has reached out to a representative of Tequila for comment.