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Fabric in potential talks to reopen

The London club has allegedly been liaising with local council to have its license reinstated, according to a local news outlet

A local newspaper today claimed that Fabric nightclub may be in advanced talks to reopen in the future.

The Farringdon club, which was shut down in September following the drug-related deaths of two 18-year-old punters, was planning to appeal the closure November 28. However, as the Islington Tribune reports, Fabric has been in talks with the local council and authorities to reach an agreement over licensing. “A deal could be reached as early as next week if the parties are able to get a judge at Highbury Corner Magistrates' Court to rubber-stamp the agreement,” according to the local news outlet.

Nevertheless, it was reported that neither the club or the council has confirmed or denied the alleged talks. Fabric co-owner Cameron Leslie said: “I’m not at liberty to say whether (discussions are behind had or not”.

According to the Tribune, talks outside of court are “common” to oversee any potential deal, as it would “save both parties thousands of pounds in legal fees”. The club has, as the report claims, relayed 32 new licensing conditions that would encourage “gold standard” operations if they were to reopen.

Dazed reached out to Fabric, who told us they were unable to provide a comment on the situation at present.

Over £320,000 has been donated so far to the fundraising campaign for the club, and over 160,000 have signed a supporting petition.

Amy Lame, the recently-appointed Night Czar, told Dazed in a previous interview: “Fabric is only representative of what is happening around the rest of the city... it’s symbolic as such an important club. Sadiq and I are of the same view of this – we would really like to see Fabric reopened”.