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The Dazed view on the U.S election

Electing Donald Trump would be a truly dark day for the entire world and a threat to its future

It feels as though this election has always been happening. Do you remember a time when there wasn’t an election? Me neither, and I don’t even live in America. It’s been a tiring, brutally charmless period of the world’s existence and it somehow feels that it’s reflected poorly on all of us, it feels slightly embarrassing. How did we get here? With that in mind, I won’t keep you for too long.

Make no mistake, this is a moment of extreme magnitude that you, our American readers, have a say in. Firstly, get out and vote. Secondly, vote for Hillary Clinton. We appreciate that Clinton is by no means a perfect, or even an inspirational candidate and for a lot of you it’ll probably feel just like this:

That said, there are only two candidates that can win here and one of them being elected would be an unmitigated disaster. Donald Trump is extremely dangerous, he has no genuine ideas, he’s a violent misogynist, he wants to build a wall at the Mexican border, he says a lot of Mexicans are rapists, he says that climate change is a hoax invented by the Chinese, he attempted to “expose” Obama as having been born in Kenya, he regularly criticises women’s looks and his rallies incite racism and aggression. He’s totally unfit to run America, a power-obsessed, deranged monster that cannot be allowed to preside over the most powerful country in the world. Use your vote and use it to vote for Clinton.