Stranger Things releases official news report on Barb

Some justice, finally

Netflix has shared a special Halloween treat for Stranger Things fans, releasing a surprise spoof newscast on the disappearance of Barb. 

The two-minute clip, which is described as “an archival newsreel from 5 WIYZ Hawkins, Indiana”, was published on the site’s YouTube channel yesterday. The footage is pulled from a fictional news show called Minute by Minute with Brenda Wood, and shows a news anchor delivering some much-needed #JusticeForBarb.

“Barbara Holland, a student at Hawkins High known as Barb to her friends, was last seen at Steve Harrington’s home just a few days ago with a number of other Hawkins’ area teens,” Woods says. She adds that the character – who was unjustly ignored in the last season – is “loyal to a fault”, and describes her as “the kind of girl who notices if you’re wearing a new bra.”

The clip also makes a quick reference to Eleven, showing security footage of the “vagrant juvenile” stealing Eggo waffles at Bradley’s Big Buy. Watch the full clip above.