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Handwritten Birthday Notes – Autumn/Winter 2016
Matty Bovan

Dazed friends and family from the past 25 years send us love

From Donatella Versace and Jazz Jennings to Karl Lagerfeld and Kate Moss, take a look at the birthday messages flooding our mailbox

Taken from the 25th anniversary issue:

When do you feel Dazed and Confused? What’s the first thought you had this morning? Who has been the most radical figure in your life? For our 25th anniversary issue, on shelves now, we invited the icons, groundbreakers, and agenda setters we know and love to send us a birthday message, and we weren’t disappointed when they RSVP’d. 

From Jacquemus, Jazz Jennings and Jake Chapman, to Karl Lagerfeld, Kate Moss and Chris Kraus, we quizzed diverse Dazed names from the magazine’s history on their fantasies, future dreams – and, revealingly, tasked them with providing their self-portrait.

The results arrived in our letterbox with felt-tipped visions of the future and a flower taped to the page. Having received too many responses to print, here we share them all.