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Log Lady
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John Malkovich’s homage to David Lynch’s best characters

The ‘Playing Lynch’ project has been totally unlocked, with a wealth of weird Log Lady, Frank Booth and Dale Cooper reboots by the veteran actor

David Lynch’s filmic universe can be hard to explain to people who haven’t yet set foot in his surreal realm, but once you’ve come face-to-face with the likes of Twin Peaks’ Log Lady, the Lady in the Radiator of Eraserhead and mind-boggling Blue Velvet’s Frank Booth, a little bit of all that’s Lynchian can slowly make (marginal) sense.

Over the past week, veteran actor and collaborator John Malkovich has been bringing some of the filmmaker’s most famous characters to life again, in a series of vignettes starring himself, directed by Sandro Miller. All the clips have now been unlocked and are available at, as part of the David Lynch Foundation.

Twin Peaks’ Log Lady, the Lady in the Radiator and Henry Spencer from Eraserhead, Blue Velvet’s Frank Booth, the Mystery Man of Lost Highway, and John Merrick in The Elephant Man all get the Malkovich reboot in a homage to Lynch’s iconic backlog.

Check out the full series of mini-skits below.