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via Twitter (@AngryBlkManDC)

Donald Trump’s hotel tagged with Black Lives Matter graffiti

The new venture in Washington D.C has been daubed with slogans 'Black Lives Matter' and 'No Justice, No Peace'

Donald Trump’s new hotel in Washington, D.C has been graffitied by an activist, leaving ‘Black Lives Matter’ and ‘No Justice, No Peace’ tags on the building’s entrance.

Videos and images of the alleged perpetrator were posted on Twitter. Police arrived at the Republican presidential candidate’s new £155 million venture on Saturday afternoon, but no arrests have been made as of yet.

Pieces of plywood have been used to cover the protest slogans since at the Trump International Hotel.

Trump has been consistently criticised throughout his campaign for the presidency for past and recent behaviours towards marginalised groups. In the first presidential debate of 2016, his opponent Hillary Clinton referred to his “long record of engaging in racist behaviour”. His support for “law and order” and the introduction of widespread ‘stop and frisk’ policies by law enforcement has generated mass outrage due to the racially motivated undertones of past incidents. In 2013, warrantless body searches by police officers in New York were deemed unconstitutional, because they were found to unfairly zone in on Black and Hispanic men.

He has also frequently used the ‘birther campaign’ as a weapon against Barack Obama, wrongfully calling into question the first Black president’s place of birth.