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john malkovich

Watch John Malkovich take on David Lynch’s famous characters

Special Agent Cooper, Frank Booth, Log Lady, the Lady in the Radiator and more are resurrected in a bizarre new short film and project

While we wait anxiously for the Twin Peaks reboot in 2017, John Malkovich has launched a project called Psychogenic Fugue, made up of a series of vignettes in which he impersonates iconic characters from David Lynch’s filmic oeuvre. The first to get the veteran actor’s spin treatment is FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper.

Supporting the David Lynch Foundation, Malkovich has got together with director and photographer Sandro Miller to release mini-skits featuring characters such as Twin Peaks’ Log Lady, the Lady in the Radiator and Henry Spencer from Eraserhead, Blue Velvets Frank Booth, the Mystery Man of Lost Highway, and John Merrick in The Elephant Man.

Lynch collaborator Angelo Badalamenti composed the music for the Twin Peaks vignettes, alongside Sky Ferreira, who soundtracks the Blue Velvet cuts, Lykke Li for Lost Highway and Zola Jesus for Eraserhead.

Miller told the Wall Street Journal that it took them five months just to pick and prep the scenes they shot, with three weeks spent recreating sets and costumes, with the seven vignettes captured across a week.

A new video of a famous Lynchian character, from his TV and film backlog, will be released over the course of seven days on

The filmmaker’s very first Festival of Disruption will take place in LA October 8, and the Twin Peaks revival is set to hit Showtime in 2017. In the meantime, watch the trailer for the project below, as well as Malkovich as Cooper getting a taste of that damn fine (but fishy) coffee and chatting to Diane here