Watch a new trailer for Louis Theroux’s My Scientology Movie

An official UK release date has also been announced

Louis Theroux has released another trailer for his hotly anticipated feature-length documentary, My Scientology Movie. The film, which has been shrouded in secrecy over its five-year production, investigates the mysterious and much-mocked world of Scientology; with Theroux attempting to infiltrate the church’s heavily guarded inner circle.

The latest international trailer, which follows on from the Australian one released back in July, offers a more twisted look at the documentarian’s experience. Packed with sinister glitches and a farcical soundtrack, it shows Theroux’s fruitless attempts to interview members of the church. It also reveals the extreme paranoia of some of its representatives, who reportedly put the journalist under surveillance during the filming process.

“I thought I might be able to bring a sense of nuance and perspective to people’s understanding of a faith that has been much ridiculed,” Theroux explained in an accompanying statement. “Just as I have done with other non-mainstream stories, I hoped to see it from the inside and make a human connection with its clerics and congregants. But I was repeatedly turned down.”

The new trailer also comes with a new UK release date. According to the film’s Facebook page, My Scientology Movie will be in select cinemas from October 7, before going nationwide on October 10.

Watch the international trailer above.