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Courtesy Film Constellation

Watch a trailer for David Lynch’s new ‘private memoir’ movie

David Lynch: The Art Life will look back on the icon’s formative years

David Lynch: The Art Life – a film exploring the “life and mind” of the iconic Twin Peaks director – has finally been given its first trailer. 

Billed as a “private memoir”, the documentary biopic is a look back at the auteur’s formative years. It explores Lynch’s small-town Montana upbringing, as well as his time on the streets of Philadelphia; with the man himself sharing personal stories and archive footage from his past.

“In those days, my world was no bigger than a couple of blocks,” Lynch intones over the 90-second clip. “Huge worlds are in those two blocks... I had tremendous freedom, my own little place that really would be such a world.”

The film is directed by Rick Barnes, Jon Nguyen and Olivia Neergaard-Holm, and is dedicated to Lynch’s daughter. It will get its official premiere at this month’s Venice film festival. “This movie is the new gem of our line-up this year,” enthused one of the film’s Italian distributors, Anastasia Plazzotta.

Watch the first trailer (via The Guardian) below.