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Naked Donald Trump statues are popping up across the U.S

An anarchist group have stationed the grotesque models in New York, San Francisco and LA among others in an attempt to humiliate the presidential candidate

Nude statues of Donald Trump without any testicles have appeared in cities across the U.S, including New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Cleveland and Seattle.

INDECLINE, an anarchist group, claimed ownership of The Emperor Has No Balls statues, which were erected on Thursday night (August 18).

“Like it or not, Trump is a larger-than-life figure in world culture at the moment,” a spokesperson for the group told the Washington Post anonymously. “Looking back in history, that’s how those figures were memorialized and idolized in their time – with statues.”

Recently, protestors added a mini wall around the Republican presidential candidate’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, in response to his strict border control policy and ideas about immigration.

This project by INDECLINE recalls the fairytale The Emperor’s New Clothes by Hans Christian Anderson, which sees an overly confident monarch parade through the streets unknowingly naked.

The Trump statues are pretty gross: he’s got a big scowl, a saggy bum, scaly skin and…no balls. The statue’s creator, an LA-based artist named Ginger, has a background in designing creatures for horror movies. He explained his design to the Washington Post.

“When the guys approached me, it was all because of my monster-making abilities,” he said about INDECLINE. “Trump is just yet another monster, so it was absolutely in my wheelhouse to be able to create these monstrosities.”

“If somebody were to look at my browser history, it would be a little disturbing,” Ginger added. “Turns out there’s not too many Google results for ‘saggy old man butt.’”

The statue in Cleveland was the first to be taken down, with the clay and silicone Trump in New York’s Union Square meeting its end next.