Watch these people take drugs and build IKEA furniture

Introducing ‘HIKEA’

Building IKEA furniture can be traumatic. The flat pack designs and wordless instructions can spark break-ups, split families, and shatter homes to pieces – both figuratively and literally. It’s a process that probably doesn’t need to be made any more difficult.

Unfortunately, creative advertising directors Hunter Fine and Alex Taylor disagree. Their new web series, aptly titled HIKEA, films people as they attempt to build the Swedish store’s furniture – only to make it more interesting, they make sure that all their participants are off their face on drugs. 

“Building IKEA furniture is hard. Building IKEA furniture under the influence is nearly impossible,” the creative duo explain. “So we thought it would be funny to make a web series filming people high on drugs while attempting to build their affordably priced furniture. And it's funny to say ‘HIKEA.’”

The first two episodes of the series were released on Tuesday (August 9). The premiere focuses on a couple, Giancarlo and Nicole, who drop acid and attempt to build a small dresser. The second involves a man called Keith, who takes some mushrooms before assembling a desk.

As can be expected, the results vary. During the three hours and 53 minutes it takes for Giancarlo and Nicole to craft their drawers, we see them laugh, reflect on life, and hammer things really slowly. Nicole also spends a little time staring at her hair, while her boyfriend Giancarlo takes in some vibes at the window. “That’s it,” Nicole says at the end of the clip. “I will never build furniture on acid again.”

Watch the full episode above, or check out Keith’s attempt – which took an upsetting five hours and 37 minutes – here.