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sexual assault

Rape reports in London clubs and bars up by 136 per cent

Reports of rape and other sexual offences have more than doubled across the capital in the last 5 years

TextAnna CafollaIllustrationJavier Sola

New figures have shown that incidents of rape reported in London bars and clubs has increased by 136 per cent.

Data obtained from the Metropolitan Police by Broadly in a Freedom of Information request found that sexual assault had more than doubled in the last five years. Between April 1 2011 and March 31 2016, cases of sexual assault and other sexual offences reported to authorities also increased by 119 per cent.

358 reports of sexual offences at entertainment venues with alcohol licenses between 2015 and 2016 were also flagged up, up by 121 per cent from the years 2011 and 2012. This year, 52 reports of rape were filed in the capital, doubling the statistics of 2011/2012.

There was also a significant increase in arrests for rape and other sexual offences across the 12 month period: arrests for rape rose by 90 per cent, and 66 per cent for other sexual offences. However, only 32 per cent of those arrested that had been accused of rape were pressed with criminal charges. As Broadly also report, no current figures show the percentage of those found guilty, but that the current conviction rate is about 5.7 per cent.

Camden's Roundhouse was one of the venues disclosed by the Met Police as a place of some of the incidents.

The Good Night Out campaign is the first coordinated London-wide project to challenge harrassment in venues, bars and clubs. On their website, they provide a list of venues that have adopted their safety pledge, to take an informed approach on tackling sexual harrassment. The campaign works with management to give support, resources and staff training. Signatories include London's Dalston Superstore, Fabric and Ministry of Sound.