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pokemon go westboro
via Twitter (@WBCsaysrepent)

Westboro Baptist Church retaliates against Pokémon GO trolls

The homophobic church is using Jigglypuff in new propaganda to fight an LGBT friendly Clefairy

Pokémon GO: the game that’s had 40-year-old office workers loitering outside Costas screeching into their smartphones and a man’s home turned into a Pokemon gym/living hell, as millions venture to catch ‘em all. The app has been downloaded more than Tinder, apparently. And it seems even the Westboro Baptist Church have stepped up to the game to spread their homophobic bile with cartoon creatures.

Players can visit ‘gyms’ in their area, as the game taps into a phone’s GPS system to map out an augmented reality. Users can meet, battle and claim ownership of the gyms. They can also drop their Pokemon there to ‘defend’ their territory.

As it turns out, the Westboro Baptist Church (home to homophobes and raging religious fanatics) is a gym in the game. And a player in the area has taken control of it with their pink, cute, very LGBT-friendly Clefairy called “Loveislove”. 

Of course, the church immediately denounced the poor Clefairy as a “sodomite”. A cute Pokémon, but supposedly going to burn in a fiery hell for its digitized sins. 

In retaliation the church seems to have recruited Jigglypuff as a footman of homophobia and hatred, sharing a creepy jingle and a photoshopped Jiggly with a placard that reads “Repent or perish”. Not so cute. 

Westboro isn’t the only weird location in the game – hospitals, graveyards and strip clubs appear to be gyms or important areas for users to visit. The Holocaust museum in Washington D.C is a Pokéstop, where players can pick up free in-game items. Andrew Hollinger, the museum's communications director told the Washington Post that it was totally inappropriate for people to be playing the game there, and that they were seeking to get the museum excluded from the app.