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coffee and cigarettes
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A ‘fellatio cafe’ is set to open in Geneva

The Swiss coffee shop will reportedly sell hot drinks and blowjobs for £42

Switzerland has announced plans to open Europe’s first official ‘fellatio cafe’ this year.

According to reports, the new Geneva-based venue will let customers order both a cup of coffee and a prostitute using an iPad. They will then – for an upfront fee of £42 – be offered oral sex while drinking their beverage at the bar. 

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the bizarre venture is currently only targeted at men, and is based on similar establishments in Thailand. Company representative Bradley Chavet, who works at Swiss firm Facegirl, told Le Matin that the idea had been brewing for several months, and added that the whole cafe experience would last no longer than “five or ten minutes”.

Prostitution is currently legal in Switzerland, though visual ID is needed at almost all times. For this particular service, there will apparently be an additional five-franc surplus charge, as well as the standard 60 Swiss francs entrance fee (£42).

There are currently no details on the opening date, or address, of the project, though Chavet suggest that it will be open before the end of this year.