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Anonymous has launched a political party

The hacktivist group hope to establish a new political system based on peace, with an officially registered party

Anonymous has been pretty active this year in doling out social justice: they hacked Isis’ Twitter to spam it with gay porn following the Orlando attack, and declared war on peroxide meatball Donald Trump. Reports now say the group has launched its own political party, with intentions to destroy our current political system and build another based on peace.

In a statement, the hacktivists named it as The Humanity Party (THumP), and have registered it as an official party in the US. They reported that they will not use “the tactics of fear and intimidation” that the current system allows to flourish.

A masked spokesperson in their video said: “These destructive and threatening means have never worked to unite the people. The use of Anonymous for revolution and change must also be accompanied by the proper solutions for the change that we expect.”

Anonymous admitted that, in the past, they were a “loosely associated international network” with no defined philosophies or goals. Its aim now is to create a “one-world government” and establish a constitution that champions fundamental human rights to housing, security, food and water, health care and education.

Though they aren’t taking donations because they fear the corruption of money, they hope to spread their message across all social media.