Watch this bizarre Japanese commercial for Donald Trump

The surreal clip features Trump trees, Trump islands and a Trump llama

Donald Trump has actually done a lot for the creative world. Since announcing his candidacy last year, the Republican nominee has become the most meme-able politician of all time; inspiring menstrual blood portraits, meat sculptures, and oil-based nudes

The latest addition to this neverending pile comes from a filmmaker known as ‘Mike Diva’. The artist, who markets himself as a “MAKER OF VIDEOS/ MUSIC/ MEMES/ DREAMS”, posted his take on Trump yesterday evening – and, in terms of ‘memeability’, it’s pretty hard to beat. Featuring Trump trees, Trump islands and Trumposaurus dinosaurs, it repurposes the Republican’s campaign into a surreal piece of Japanese propaganda.

Predictably, it doesn’t end well. The billionaire businessman gets elected as world president, becomes a robot superhero, then blows up the entire world with his horrible laser eyes. Considering how close he actually is to the Oval Office, it’s a vision that seems pretty credible.

Watch the full clip above, or check out more of Mike Dive’s videos on his YouTube channel here.